How To Increase Your Brand Following By Using Instagram Stories

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Every brand wants it’s digital presence to be strong, and mind you, humour’s not the only way to go. OK, maybe on Twitter it is, but how do you channel followers to your Instagram account? An Instagram account is a platform full of opportunities for businesses. You can create your own shops, list your products, […]

Here’s how to encourage donations from your audiences


Hey influencers! We think it’s awesome you’re interested in helping fundraise for needed causes during this time. Let’s use our influence for good! With the lockdown extended in many parts of India, it is urgent that we continue to extend support to those in need. If you have your own fundraiser, here are some tips to engage […]

Creative ways Indian brands are reaching audiences during COVID-19

Engaging with your audience during a global crisis is a more challenging task than most would realize. Times like these are what require us to be smart and empathetic to everyone else. Brands have taken up the challenge and are working on making staying at home a tad bit more attractive. Brands today are faced […]

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer!


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Instagram is on the cusp of revamping the tube

Wait, what? Revamping the tube? As in Youtube? But Instagram and Youtube? No, there is no merger or purchase happening. Instagram is fast becoming a video content provider. It is fast becoming a trend across platforms to provide video content, in the long and short format. While this is not official, it is easily observed. […]

Audios and Podcasts are going to make a mark

While everyone is talking about podcasts, some are still trying to wonder what they are. Well, to start off let’s get to know a podcast. What is a podcast? To simplify it, or rather easily explain it, an audio file or program, which one can download and listen to, at any time and on their […]

Influencer Marketing Planning

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Influencer Marketing is a form of social media marketing where a person with influence is used to promote various brands and products that fit their niche. It focuses on delivering the brand message via content created by the said Influencer, who has the power to affect the target audience. Not long ago, actors and sports […]



“With great power comes great responsibility.” Influencers are individuals with the potential to influence people on social media. They possess the power to affect purchase decisions of people in favour of brands they promote. Every power comes with a dark side, to this limelight. Amid the pressure of being perfect, influencers don’t have an easy […]